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The head of the US Federal reserve said about easing the policy on inflation

The us Federal reserve, which serves as the country's Central Bank, is easing its policy on inflation, now the target is 2% on average, and a slight increase is allowed. This was stated at an Internet Symposium by the head of the Federal reserve Jerome Powell.According to him, the fed is

The US will spend 250 million dollars to fight despair in society to restart the economy amid the pandemic

The us Department of health and human services has announced a contract worth more than $ 250 million for communications firms "to combat despair and inspire hope" in society amid the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the publication Politico, referring to an internal document of the

Bank credit card

How to use a credit cardCredit cards are payment cards that allow the customer to pay for goods and services at the expense of the Bank. In the classical sense, credit cards do not provide for the presence of the client's own money on them. In Russia, such cards include debit cards with overdraft

How to Use Your Credit Card Smartly?

Gone are the days when only a handful of people used these Cards. The present scenario narrates a different story and every individual today swipes his or her Credit Cards for making purchases. Executing transactions through these cards have become a common affair. Take a look around, and you will

Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit, No Credit, And Poor Ratings

We live in the world of credit. Most of the banking institutions offer different forms of credit from credit card to signature loans.Majority of people often find themselves in bad credit situations like court judgment, bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure and loan default,due to lack of enough

10 Reasons to Use Your Credit Card

1. One-Time BonusesThere's nothing like an initial bonus opportunity when getting a new credit card. Often times, applicants with good credit or excellent credit can get approved for credit cards that offer commonly offer bonuses worth $150 or more (sometimes much more) in exchange for spending a