The US will spend 250 million dollars to fight despair in society to restart the economy amid the pandemic

The us Department of health and human services has announced a contract worth more than $ 250 million for communications firms "to combat despair and inspire hope" in society amid the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by the publication Politico, referring to an internal document of the Department.

According to this document, the authorities plan to spend most of the money until January next year.

Politico writes that in addition to instilling hope and fighting despair, the purpose of the contract announcement is to tell about the best business experience in the new environment and instill confidence in citizens so that they can return to work and restart the economy.

"By leveraging the power of traditional and digital media, social media, the sports and entertainment industry, public health associations, and other partners to provide important information on public health and the economy, the administration can overcome despair, inspire hope, and achieve national recovery," the document says.

The main part of the contract execution will consist in creating advertisements for public services that should convince the population to actively "promote healthy behavior or responsibility of the citizen".

According to a source familiar with the matter, 10-12 companies have already expressed interest in the contract, most of which are not well-known.

According to a YouGov survey conducted in June, 34% of Americans are pessimistic about their life before the end of 2020. In particular, 11% of respondents chose the "very pessimistic" option. At the same time, 54% are optimistic about the future in one way or another. More than 18 thousand people took part in the survey.

In early may, unemployment in the United States reached the highest since the great depression, at 14.7%. Then President Donald trump assured the public that jobs will return and the next year will be "phenomenal"for the United States.